Mofii 2.4G USB Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Additional information

This site is solely to display the major specifications of the product. Please contact the customer service for placing an order via our Contact Us page.

Product Specifications: Keyboard: 445 * 136 * 35mm, 658g, 2.4G wireless connection, 2 AAA batteries, weight: 2.89 pounds, 104 keys (with numeric keypad area). Mouse: 101 * 75 * 34mm, 80g, 2.4G wireless connection, 1 AA battery, 1600DPI. Beautifully packaged and suitable as a gift.

Round Keycaps: The inspiration for these cute round keys comes from vintage typewriter that offers the visual enjoyment and retro feel of the type. The optical mouse has a modern ergonomic design. The round button design, which is based on research and development based on the size of the finger-keycap contact area, provides a more comfortable typing experience.

2.4G Wireless 2.4G technology can transfer up to 10m. There is no need to worry about radio waves being interrupted. It can be used comfortably not only for business but also for gaming. The wireless power completely solves the problem of visual clutter caused by wiring, and is recommended for those who like cleanliness.

Power Saving Design When both the keyboard and mouse are idle for 5 minutes, they automatically go to sleep. You can wake it by simply clicking one of the buttons. With this smart power-saving design, keyboard and mouse battery life can be up to 3 months.

Product Guarantee All of our products are inspected for quality before shipping. It comes with a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. [If the keyboard does not respond] Recode required: 1. Remove the USB receiver. 2. Remove the keyboard battery. 3. Change the USB port and plug into the USB receiver. 4. Insert the keyboard batteries. (If you cannot connect, replace the USB interface.)